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Lorents Wittrup Pedersen Kvistad
(Jacob Kvistad/Questad's Father)
Jacob Kvistad Family - circa 1884
(L to R) Marie, Ingvald, Jacob, Lorents
Famous Porch Photo
Taken at Ingwald Questad's house in Minot in 1909
(On Porch L to R) Fred Holmgren, Julius Holmgren, Jacob and Marie Q, Maude Q, Dagmar Q, Margrethe Q, Alfred Q, Laura Hovden, Lorentze Q, Mrs. and Mr. Moe, Unknown
(On Steps L to R) Ingwald Q, Chris Holmgren, Lawrence Q
Ingwald Questad family picture when Lawrence was
in Fircrest (Tacoma) for a visit in 1920
(L to R) Ingwald, Norman, Melvin, Margrethe holding Raymond, Alfred, Lawrence
Alfred Questad Family - March 1962
(L to R) Dale, Bruce, Inga, Kathy, Alfred, Larry